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Angel Card Reading

What  are Angel card readings? They can be a powerful tool for those seeking  guidance in their life. Angel cards can give insight into relationships,  careers and finance while giving the recipient peace of mind,  confidence and insight into their decisions. An Angel Card Reader works with the angelic realm to provide  guidance in all aspects of life. What are Angel card readings? They are a  great resource for becoming a better you. Embark on your path of introspection and insight. Allow the angels to help you on your life path.

1 hour $65.00

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Chakra Balancing

Chakras  are an energetic reflection of your physical and emotional health.They  assimilate, receive and express energy from yourself to the  universe.When a chakra become inbalanced, due to poor nutrition,  emotional upset, or other life changes it affects organs and the way we  feel.Chakra Balancing helps to transform harmful emotional energy like  anger, grief, stress and guilt into positive healing energy.Chakra  balancing brings renewed physical energy, lifts emotions, gives one a  feeling of security and promotes peace and prosperity.Chakra balancing  aides communication, intuition, mental focus and strengthens connection  to spirit.Balancing will also raise your energetic frequency  reconnecting your guidance system, helping you to manifest your desires.

45 minutes $60.00

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Reiki is the Japanese word for divine/universal life force energy. Practitioner act as a conduit to the flow of energy, while using  awareness/intention and one's hands to focus the flow of energy for  healing purposes.Client's often report feelings of renewal, balance,  clarity, and deep relaxation.

30 minutes $50.00

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