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Wellness or Integrative

Chakra Balancing 

Chakras are an energetic reflection of your physical and emotional health. When a chakra becomes imbalanced, due emotional upset, stress, or other life challenges it can affect our physical or emotional     well-being. Chakra Balancing helps to transform harmful emotional energy like anger, grief, stress and guilt into positive healing energy.  Chakra  balancing brings renewed physical energy, lifts emotions, gives one a  feeling of security and promotes peace of mind.  

1 hr 30 minutes $120.00

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Reiki is the Japanese word for divine/universal life force energy. Practitioner act as a conduit to the flow of energy, using  awareness/intention to focus the flow of energy for  healing purposes. Client's often report feelings of renewal, balance,  clarity, and deep relaxation.

45 minutes $65.00

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